Mexican En Casa

When I say I crave Mexican food every day, I am not exaggerating. If someone offered me a lifetime supply of cheese dip, I would never grow tired of it. Flour tortillas are the only “bread” I keep in my house. Spanish rice & Chicken covered in liquid cheesy goodness is literally heaven on a plate to me. You get what I’m tryin’ to say right? Sometimes going out to eat though isn’t an option, and I do actually prefer to cook at home…. So last night, I made myself a little Mexican feast that even Plaza Azteca would envy. Eat your heart out Chipotle!

Mexican 2 (5)

Burritos, Mexican Rice, and of course cheese dip were on the menu. And making it was surprisingly easy.

Cheese dip4 Ingredient Cheese Dip that could rival the best Mexican restaurant in town

Those prepackaged Spanish/Mexican Rice mixes are delicious – but have you ever looked at how much sodium is in them? HOLY CRAP! There’s less salt in the Atlantic Ocean! So I decided to go the healthier route and mix these awesome Recipe Ready frozen Southwest veggies with some brown rice. Of course no rice is complete without some cheese dip on top…

Mexican RicePile all these delicious ingredients (and some greek yogurt in place of sour cream) on to a flour tortilla & wrap. This was a Chipotle sized burrito – and I enjoyed every single bite!

Mexican 1………………………………………………………………

Cheese Dip Recipe:

1/2 lb White American Cheese (cubed)

1/4 cup Whole Milk

1 tablesppon Butter

1 small can Green Chile

Cumin & Chili Powder to taste

1. Add the milk, cheese, and butter into a sauce pan and let melt slowly over low/medium-low heat

2. Once combined, add green chilies

3. Season to your liking

** more milk may need to be added, depending on how thick or thin you want it


This weekend was spent floating down a river, roasting marshmallows, and stuffing my face with delicious food – all in honor of the Bachelorette!

Tubing 2 (1)Amanda (aka “Grandchild”) gets married in less than a month, and this weekend we celebrated with a very relaxing bachelorette float down the James.

Tubing 1 (1)After about 4 hours on the river, we were clearly ravenous, so food HAD to be the next thing on the agenda. And since we were sooooo close to Farmville, a trip to Macado’s seemed necessary.

photoAnd what’s a trip to Farmville without a photo-op by the Longwood University sign?

Tubing 1 (3)Once we finally made it home, there was nothing let to do but put on comfy clothes, drink sangria, and roast marshmallows!

fire pitCollageThis is my kind of Bachelorette!! I love a good Girl’s Night Out, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes a Girl’s Night IN is just as good – if not better :)

Workout “Recovery”

If you read yesterday’s post about Tribal Quest, then maybe you’ll be able to understand the exhaustion I felt all day Saturday. It was worth it, because T.Q. was a BLAST!

But, a few weeks ago, our team planned a little bar night following the race to celebrate//get together with some other LU alum. Was that the best idea… probably not. We were drained, physically & mentally, definitely dehydrated, and flat out tired! But did we rally? You better believe it!

TQ Bar Night 1 CollageNot only did we rally, but we rallied until wayyyyyy later than I expected. I pretty much counted on making it to the bar, having one drink, and then falling asleep in a booth until someone threw me in a cab and took me home. On the contrary… I somehow managed to kick the exhaustion and have a blast with my Team & a bunch of cool people I haven’t seen in forever. Of course the roomie and I fell right back into our “college bar” mode. We didn’t even miss a beat.

Roomie CollageSelfies for days

Needless to say that Sunday I was hurting. But nowadays, weekends like this are few and far between. So I’ll suck it up every once and a while, just to relive the college glory days. The recovery time is far more substantial than it used to be though, but I think I can make it…

Tribal Quest

Tribal Quest – running through the woods & completing obstacles – for FUN…

That’s what I did this weekend, by choice, and I’m actually really glad I did. Now that I can walk again, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that my legs are going to look like two bruised bananas for the next 2 weeks, I can look back on it and say, It was a BLAST!

Tribal Quest 1 (3)Team F.E.A.R. Before & After

The basic concept of Tribal Quest is to run (approx. 5 miles) all while completing some pretty challenging obstacles. Climb over a 10 ft. wall? Sure, that sounds like a piece of cake. Hike up a steep ass hill after you’ve already run 5 miles? Yes, please. Now that you’re dead tired, army crawl through this thick mud and try not to lose a shoe. Sure, why not. The struggle was real people, and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it!

TQ CollageBut would I do it again, yeah probably. Having a great team that was there to give you a boost, physically & mentally, at the exact right moment was crucial. There is no way I could have done it without their support. I mean, you didn’t think I made it over the 10 ft. alone did you? Luckily we all survived, not without a few bruises though, but we all crossed the finish line TOGETHER, team flag in hand!

10379899_10100165329016502_1591528762859883340_oBy the very end, we all felt like we wanted to die…

1921234_10100165328542452_6997227592604226254_oTotally impromptu picture – but it truly captures our exact emotions after finishing the race

But I’m pretty sure we will ALL be signing up again next year!


Shameless Promotion // 24 Day Challenge Group

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a few new things to the blog recently. One of which is my Advocare Page. Check it out! You can read about my journey & get some valuable info on the company & it’s products. Yes, I am shamelessly promoting right now. But honestly, 7 months ago I had NO idea what Advocare was, nor did I know just how much it would change my life in half a year.

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10379799_10100162774845082_706535083073517161_oIf you haven’t Googled them already, go ahead and do it, I’ll wait…

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