Oliver’s Blog Debut

I know I’ve been majorly MIA lately. And for the 4-6 people who actually read my blog on a normal basis, I’m sorry & thanks for stickin’ around!! Things have been hectic, but this is why…

Meet the newest addition to the household – Oliver

Oliver 3

He is a momma’s boy, for sure…

Oliver 5

please disregard my trife ass pedicure

He loves chewing on sticks – or anything for that matter

Oliver 6

Oliver 1

He can give a wicked side eye

Oliver 2

And he is basically the most perfect puppy in the entire world

Oliver 4

Aside from the fact that he has razors for teeth and he likes to bark at 3am, I think I’ll keep him around for a while!


Get Right For Summer

Cue: Kanye West:Workout Plan

They say Summer Bodies are made in the Winter… and I have to say that I agree. December 1st I started my Advocare adventure, and I’m now just over 3 months in, AND LOVING IT. I feel healthier, I definitely have more energy (even though I CHOOSE to be lazy most of the time), I’m eating better & making healthier choices, and best of all, I am EXCITED to rock a bikini at the beach this summer. I’ve never been one to hide behind a moomoo – even though there were times I probably should have – but I’ve also never been one to strut the beach rocking a string bikini.

Side note: I strongly believe no woman over the age of 16-17 should wear a string bikini. There are far more flattering and age appropriate choices when it comes to bathing suits ladies. I’m not talking about speedos or mom tankinis, just wear something that’s made of more materials than two triangle and a rope, k?

I digress… After 3 months on Advocare I am now just pounds shy of my High School graduation weight (WHICH WAS TEN YEARS AGO, GROSS!) and I’m wearing sizes that haven’t graced my closet in over a decade. Brag Moment: that makes me feel pretty damn proud!!

challenege photoHardwork and dedication do pay off people – you just have to be willing to take that one giant step in the right direction, and be willing to keep moving forward. It hasn’t always been easy but days like today I physically SEE that it’s  been worth it. I am so excited to continue this for a few more months until I hit my GOAL and will then reward myself with new bathing suits to rock on the beach (hey, it’s the little things that count). Have I already picked out what I want? Yes silly! Thanks to Target and VS advertising their bathing suits at Christmas, I’ve had plenty of time to scope out my options and plan for my various beach/Mexico vacations this summer and fall.

I’m not going to give you the sales pitch – but if you too want to join me on this incredible journey it only takes 1 step…

Have a super classy day friends <3



Elite Daily basically read my mind when they wrote this article. I couldn’t have said it better myself… Touche Elite Daily, Touche!


It’s Friday at 11 am and you’re already exhausted thinking about the possibility of going out.

You’ve almost made it through yet another work week, but the only thought on your mind is sleep. You’ve been waking up at 7:30 am at the latest for five days in a row, and honestly, you can barely keep your head up anymore. You know it’s the weekend, the time when you should be going out, but you honestly can’t seem to muster up the strength.

Your bed looks so much more desirable than the hangover you know you’ll be experiencing come tomorrow morning. You know you won’t regret getting a great night of sleep, something you seem to have been missing for years. Well here’s to you fellow bed dweller.

Here are the 23 signs you’re a lazy girl, who’s spending this Friday night on the couch:

1. Netflix


This is literally the death of my plans every single night. Chances are you’ve already paused whatever program you’re watching, so half the battle is already won.

2. The temperature outside is less than your age


Who wants to go outside and trek around the city when it’s 20 degrees out? Half the road and sidewalks are iced over, anyway, sending frozen chicks to the ground left and right.

3. Getting dressed sounds like the most awful thing ever


Ugh, my bra and pants are already off. Picking out an outfit and getting dressed sounds like way too much of an effort right now.

4. You’re having a fat day


Nothing is worse than being forced to put on skinny jeans and chug vodka when you’re having a fat day. It’ll probably take you twice your normal alcohol intake to get drunk at this point. Stay in and try again tomorrow night.

5. You’re still hungover from last night


Drinking while hungover? Cue the vomit.

6. It’s someone’s birthday you don’t like


There’s absolutely no way I am putting any effort into get ready for an evening I would rather skip out on. Showering, picking out an outfit and putting on makeup sounds like torture.

7. You have a family obligation early the next morning


Spending time with your family hungover is just a recipe for disaster. They don’t understand your pain, everything they do will annoy you and the lecture you’re sure to endure is the last thing you want to hear.

8. It means taking a shower


Showering is such an effort when you’re exhausted from a long day of work. I mean just take a look at the five reasons why all girls hate showering.

9. It’s not pay week


The weekend in between pay cycles is the most difficult to get through. The weekend before, you were probably throwing your blue Chase debit card around like a black card, but this weekend, you’re paying for it — literally. It’s always a long stretch to make it to the next pay day, especially after the weekend.

10. Your best friend has already agreed to stay in with you


Did somebody say “Law & Order: SVU” marathon?!

11. Your friends are going somewhere your ex will be


This is a sad, sorry excuse to stay in, but whatever! No one wants to hang around you if you’re going to be a Debbie Downer about it, anyway. #Buzzkill. See ya.

12. You have nothing to wear


It’s like “Mission Impossible” up in here. You’ve tried on 12 outfits and nothing looks right. Seems like the perfect time to give up, get into bed and order Seamless.

13. You’ve eaten half your weight and it’s only 11:30 am


Ugh, the struggle is real. Going out on a full stomach is terrible. The only option is to just keep on eating. You know there’s no way you’re making it out tonight. For more on this topic, see #4.

14. Your drug dealer isn’t responding


How are we supposed to function without the necessary stimulants? This work week has me exhausted!

15. You’re on your period


The relationship a woman has with her period is an intricate one. The benefits of it, however, are that it serves as the perfect scapegoat for staying in.

16. There’s no definitive plan of action


You’re wrapping up the pregame, taking your last few shots, only to realize no one has made a game plan. Have you ever tried to make plans with 15 other intoxicated people who “don’t really care”? Sh*t is frustrating!

17. You have no clean clothes


You can’t even throw on your go-to outfit because it’s still dirty from last weekend. I bet you regret not hitting up the cleaners on your way to work this week. #Fail.

18. You just picked up banging weed



19. You have television shows to catch up on


The only personal company you need is that of the fictional characters on “Girls,” “Shameless” and “House of Cards.”

20. Your couch will be the best lay of your night


You don’t have to worry that your couch won’t deliver; it’s a magical experience every time.

21. You hate people


This is beyond self-explanatory. If you haven’t exclaimed this phrase at least once in your life, well, you’re just doing it wrong. Kidding. Sort of.

22. It’s better to have FOMO than regrets


You know who won’t wake up with any regrets in the morning? The person who stayed in. You know who will? The girl who blacked the f*ck out and drunk-texted her ex 12 times in a row.

23. Did I already mention Netflix?


Who needs to go out when you have everything you want at the tip of your fingers?

Home Improvements 101

This past weekend I learned a little something about myself, and a lot about sweat equity.


I [with a LOT of help from my friends] installed Crown Molding in my living room last Saturday. It was an inexpensive touch that added SO much to the room, I think. But in the process, I learned quite a bit, and that mayyyy be my last home improvement project for a while…

Things I Learned Through Installing Crown Molding

1. Math sucks! Angles suck! Cutting Crown Molding to fit perfectly in the corner of a house that isn’t square, SUCKS!

crown molding 2  Collage

2. I’m a very good assistant!

Crown Molding 2 (5)

Crown Molding Collage

Even if I’m constantly second guessing EVERYTHING

3. Cory is excellent with a Miter Saw.

crown molding (4)

4. It takes approximately 1 hour of Home Improvement until I break out the wine.

crown molding 4 (2)

FYI, 11 a.m. is an acceptable drinking time when you’re working around the house

5. Having more than 1 assistant is crucial!

crown molding 3 (2)

6. Sometimes having a mascot helps with team morale

Crown Molding 3Collage

And finally

7. There is nothing more rewarding than the Finish Line

Corwn Molding 3 (2)

It may have taken all day – redoing 1 wall – 1 bottle of Middle Sister wine – approximately 5,683 nails – half a tube of caulk – and 75 feet of Crown Molding – but the finished product is divine!!

crown molding 4 (1)

Tory Burch Obsessed

So this weekend my sisterwife and I (and her husband) attended the Virginia Home & Garden Show. We both are “new” home owners so we thought we could find some pretty awesome stuff here. It was a great show! The highlight though, had nothing to do with Homes or Gardens…. cue: Tory Burch Jewelry!

jewelry Collage

We met Diane, this adorable & talented woman, who hand-made all this gorgeous jewelry!!! Much to Cory’s dismay, Colleen and I spent way too much time at her booth, oooing and ahhing at EVERYTHING! So clearly we had to walk away with matching earrings and bracelets. I probably could have bought everything in her booth, but my bank account would have hated me. So basically what I’m trying to tell you is, go over to her shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/RINGSANDNECKLACES) and scope it out; you will NOT be disappointed!!!

After making our only purchase of the day, we decided the next best thing to do, at the Home & Garden show, was drink some wine…


We then came to the shocking realization that we WAY over drink when we found out that the tiny 5 oz. dixie cup was, in fact, a legitimate serving of wine. Talk about depressing! But, when wine & jewelry are involved, it’s a pretty awesome day in my book!

The Holiday Season

What a busy, busy couple months it’s been! The holiday season always seems like such a whirlwind… It takes forever to get here, and then it’s over before you know it. Luckily though, I was able to spend some much needed QT with some of my very favorite people, friends and family, and even though it was a GREAT 2 months, I am sort of glad things can finally slow down. Instead of writing, in detail, how I spent my Christmas vacation (because who really cares right?), I’ll just show you the highlight.

Tacky Sweater Party Collage

Started the season out right with my first official party in the new house

BFFs Collage

Got to see John Mayer, again, and spend some long overdue time with my BFFS

NYE Collage

Celebrated NYE with some of the classiest ladies I know <>


And began the new year by freezing my butt off at my first Playoff game

Hope your holiday season was just as awesome! And here’s to a super classy new year.

New Years Resolutions

It’s that time – the infamous New Years Resolution! Inevitably we’ll all set a goal that will fall by the wayside in a few short months (maybe even a few short weeks). My resolution this year is to not let my “resolutions” slip. I want them to be a top priority. They are important enough to be New Years Resolutions, so they should be important enough to think about all year. My #1 resolutions: Health & Fitness.

I’ve already complete 1 full Advocare 24 Day Challenge so now I just need to maintain until I can do another. What I really need to focus on is my gym routine. I go through phases of spending every day at the gym to not laying my eyes on a treadmill for an entire month. I need to be consistent if I want to see results and maintain them. I’ve put together what I think it a totally obtainable goal. While slightly on the crazy side, there is absolutely no reason why I can’t do this. The only thing that would get in my way would be my own laziness (special exceptions will be made for work / the occasional happy hour – a girl’s gotta have a life). But my plan is to stick to this as strictly as possible!!!

workout schedule

Ok, you’re probably thinking I’m off my rocker! And maybe I am… But I think I’ve got a good mix of cardio and weight training, and it’s all classes that I love! So I’m hoping that I will WANT to go. I do not plan on working myself to the brink of death, nor do I plan on using drugs to get it all done a la Jessie Spano Caffeine Pill Freakout. If my body is telling me to take a day off, then I’ll take a day off. What I won’t be listening to though is my mind saying “sweatpants and your sofa seem like such a good idea tonight”. That is the mentality I want to try and avoid in the New Year. However, I am not perfect. There WILL be days when my lazy mind over powers my workout drive, and I will be ok with that. As long as those days are few and far between, I will fee like I’m succeeding.

So who wants to be my virtual workout accountability buddy??

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I am the type to try anything once, especially if my friends are doing it, which is exactly what lead me to Advocare [and the most rewarding 24 days of my life].

But first, maybe I should back up a little…. I have never considered myself to be someone who is “weight obsessed”. I never denied myself foods, or avoided an alcoholic beverage. Sure, I may have thought, “It would be nice to lose 5 pounds”, but I never actually gave it a second thought. My idea of working out was going to the gym and “jogging” aka fast walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes, once a month. But then I graduate college, I weighed over 200lbs, and I didn’t even recognize the girl in the mirror! It was depressing. For the first time in 22 years, I hated the way I looked and I felt trapped in my own body. Thus started my “weight loss journey”, and what a rocky road it’s been.

photo 3 Wedding 2009 / Wedding 2013

There have been ups and down, plateaus and struggles, and certainly some successes as well! But I still haven’t been able to make it back to my “happy weight”. My “still fit into freshman year jeans weight”. But I’ve come a longgggg way since that chubby 22 year old. It took me a few years to realize that it wasn’t just about losing the extra weight, but also being a healthier person over all. That is my main goal, and the weight that comes off as a result of a healthier lifestyle is just an added perk.

For the last year [ish] I have been on the healthier bandwagon. I was literally killing myself 5 days a week at the gym. And I wasn’t enjoy any of it – because I am a results driven person – and even with all my hard work, NOTHING was happening. I had reached a plateau that I couldn’t tackle. I was stuck. And I was pissed! That’s when I began to see posts of friends and college acquaintances raving about some product called Advocare. As someone who had tried EVERY fad diet, weight loss plan, and meeting group around I was less than interested. I browsed right past their posts, and didn’t look back. Silly me…. It took my best friend [and her husband] trying it, and seeing success, before I actually thought maybe this is something that would work for me!?!? I was still skeptical, beyond skeptical, but I chit chatted with a sorority sister and friend of mine who had been taking the Advocare products for a little over a month and had only good things to say about them. Combined with my skinny bitch best friend losing weight AND inches, I just couldn’t see a good reason NOT to try the products.

So that brings me back to my 24 day challenge. In 24 short days [less than a month people] I was able to break through that stupid plateau, lose almost 10 pounds, AND lose 17 inches off my body. Now, to me, that’s just unheard of! But if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I’d say it’s a load of crap. But it’s not!!!

Yes, I ate real food, not just lettuce and water. No, I didn’t have to drink nasty, chalky shakes [you can if you want] but I passed on that. And Yes, these results are real.

photo 2

Clothes are fitting looser, and I’m wearing sizes I haven’t been able to in over a year!

photo 1

I’m not usually one to share my personal weight loss story but this is just too good NOT to share!

Living Room Update

Buying a house that had been completely remodeled and renovated is by far the best decision I’ve ever made!! Sure, I love DIY as much as the next person, but I am not handy nor patient enough to tackle major home renos or projects. I like the simple stuff. The fun stuff. DECORATING! And that is exactly what I’ve been doing.

The Living Room is coming along quite nicely, if I do say so myself.


I LOVE the navy and coral color scheme more and more every day. And aside from a Gallery Wall and an entry table, I’d say this room is pretty much complete.

Living RoomCollage

A few small finishing touches are all it really needs. And I haven’t quite figure out what those “touches” are yet….

I’ve got my ladder shelves almost the way I want them. If I told you that I put stuff on them and then left it alone, I’d be lying. They’ve been reorganized and changed probably 10 times. And they will probably change again.

Shelf 2Collage

My mission right now is to find some awesome, weird, eclectic pieces to add to my shelves. I don’t know what I’m looking for exactly, I just know that I will know it when I see it. So, the hunt continues.

Shelf Collage

I plan on staying in this house for a while, a loooong while, so I’m not in too much of a rush to get the whole place perfect. I’m taking it room by room, and trying not to tackle too many projects at once. I’ve been in my house for almost a month, and so far, I couldn’t be happier!