Beach Bound

It’s winter, but there’s still no place on Earth I’d rather be than the Outer Banks – and I am heading there tomorrow!!!

It’s Bachelorette time for this beauty.

4498_538765168502_3834423_n2I find it extremely appropriate that just a week after our 10 year sorority anniversary, I get to celebrate this sweet friend. It was, of course, the sorority that brought us together.

10401150_519840783122_2804_nDrunken mishaps, fake arrests, pledge class theme songs, and too many late nights are some of my best memories with the beautiful bride to be.

PicMonkey Collage STEFShe may have moved far, far away (sort of), but I’m glad we’ve been able to stay close. And I am beyond thrilled to spend this amazing time with her before she marries the man of her dreams.

Holy Decade Spring ’05

Holy Crap – has it really been TEN YEARS since initiation?!?!


1654257_10100099322219652_2065143404_nWe survived pledging together – survived the next three years of college together – and have some hilarious stories to prove it.

DD 2 CollageWe were the ones who always needed to Sober Up.

DD 1 CollageBut if we sobered up, would we have been able to come up with the best pledge class theme song of all time? I think not.

DD 3 CollageThrough thick and thin, through ups and downs, I am so lucky I had these ladies to share college’s best memories with!

DD 4 CollageHAPPY ANNIVERSARY DIRTY DOZEN – You’re still not my cousin.

Flashback Friday – Alma Mater edition

It’s been 4 -5 years since my last bar night in Farmville. THE Bar (or Mulligans) (NOT bar 202) was the spot on Thursday nights. Probably because it was the only spot, but nevertheless, we flocked to the local watering hole every Thursday night, like clockwork. I turned 21 much slightly later that my friends and sorority sisters. But when I finally hit that magic number, me and the bar became fast friends!

Bar CollageThe best $5 I ever spent

You could get drunk for a measly $5 – $10 if you played your cards right. $5 pitchers, $1 rails, and $2 jello shots were all we needed to make Thursday night the best night of the week. The bar was the place to hangout. Everyone had “their booth”, but a couple hours in, you could barely move, so it didn’t matter.

bar 2 CollageWe celebrated every major event at the bar – birthdays, breakups, good grades, bad grades, holidays, Thursdays, graduations – you get the point. The bar was a place for everyone to come together. Groups would mesh, everyone was friends, and we didn’t have a care in the world (until 2 a.m. when you had to find a way home).

Bar 3 CollageThis weekend, I’m going back, for one of the greatest celebrations of all time – A 21st birthday!! There’s nothing more fun than your very first bar night!! My college roomie/bff/sorority sister’s little brother is attending Longwood, and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t acclimate him to the bar culture properly. And by “we” I mean his entire family (plus me) – road tripping to Farmville – for his very first bar night. I can’t help but reminisce on all the fun, ridiculous adventures I had at the bar.

Bar 4 CollageI’m looking forward to a little re-do this weekend. I don’t know if my liver is ready for it – but I’m putting on my drinking shoes and I’m heading back to the old stomping grounds!

Wish List Wednesday

My ultimate wish list items – some are on the “purchase as soon as possible list”, while others will forever remain on the ultimate wish list. But either way, it’s fun to dream right?!?!


New Lilly is out and it has me dreaming about Spring. I can’t wait to have this in my closet.

IMG_1339Another Springtime item I can’t get off my mind – a new pair of Jacks.

shoes_iaec1141630I love a good DIY project and these two are at the top of my list.

DIYCollageA new vanity/dressing table with a lucite chair – I’m obsessed!

679e14eef6492703d3afce37c3da72dbI think Oliver needs a sister…

53e9d7cbf6616271717b8e87b3d462a5I would die for a bathroom like this. I wonder if I can make it work in my house?!?!

289697cbfc83d0ef82e64234aa4adde1Anyone willing to contribute to the wish list / make it happen, please contact me immediately!

Happy Mardi Gras

A few weeks ago I made my maiden voyage to New Orleans, just in time for Carnival Season!!

10443970_10100276887522362_4615706413351712203_nMy friend Emily moved down to NOLA a couple years ago, and I FINALLY made it down to visit. That city is bananas!! So many things to look at out. People watching was prime. The food was incredible. And the drinks were strong. Fancy cocktails and frozen irish coffees were in abundance.

10345560_10100276442119952_236201085973492692_nEmily took me around to do all the typical “touristy things” – Bourbon Street, Beignets at Cafe de Monde, Cocktails at fancy hotels, you know, good stuff!

NOLA CollageBut I also got a taste of the real New Orleans.

KdV CollageCrazy Parades, some of the best music I’ve ever heard, oh, and PoBoys!!! I rode the street car and drank my beer on the street (that was the part I liked the most!).

NOLA 2 CollageIt was a great first visit, and I cannot wait to go back for round two!