Studying? What’s that?

I’ve been out of college (and study mode) for almost six years! And even when I was in college, I can’t say that I was a super awesome studier. I was lucky, I didn’t need to study. It certainly helped when I did. But I could usually coast by without putting forth too much effort. I pulled an all nighter once or twice, but I tried not to make that a habit.

So here I am, post grad and thrown back into this studying thing full force! In a couple weeks I am taking an exam to get a certification for work. I was pretty confident that after I graduated I wouldn’t need to study for anything ever again. Boy was I wrong. So now I’m having to relearn how to study!

IMG_1454Just the concept of studying stresses me out. It’s been quite the (re)learning experience. But luckily, the more I get into it, the more those college marketing classes kick in, and I actually remember a lot more than I thought I would. It’s down to crunch time folks, so hopefully my tactics will work. Worse comes to worse, maybe I’ll just try sleeping on my notes and let osmosis do the work…


What are your tips and tricks for productive studying?!?!

Real Life 27 Dresses

I have attended over 20 weddings in my short 28 years (counting the two I have coming up this year). And while I’m currently working on writing an autobiography about my single life, and since I’m recently back from celebrating a pretty March bride to be, I thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane. Weddings are fun. Pre-wedding festivities (bachelortette parties) are fun. Free booze and good music, FUN! I’m lucky I have so many cool friends who like me enough to buy me dinner and all the wine I can drink.

Wedding 7 Collage Wedding 1 Collage Wedding 2  Collage Wedding 3 Collage Wedding 4 Collage Wedding 5 CollageI have pretty friends y’all.

The Evolution of “Going Out” Attire

Going Out – the act of getting dressed [in clothes other than sweatpants] and venturing out “on the town”, usually with your girlfriends, in a celebratory fashion or for no reason at all other than to consume mass amounts of alcohol and act a fool.

We all do it (or DID it)!! And what’s the most important part of said outing? Your outfit of course!

Going Out attire changes drastically from your early twenties to your late twenties.

WINTER CollageTanktop, Skirt, No Tights // Long sleeve shirt, skirt, thick tights

Early Twenties Emily didn’t care about the weather. Going out attire meant something cute – usually a dress or slutty tank top – and no, I didn’t wear my coat and then check it at the bar. I just froze my ass off the entire night.

Early Twenties CollageWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall? Who knows.

A dress was really the only appropriate “going out” attire from age 21 to 25. The older I get though, the more I appreciate cardigans, and dressing for the weather.

Warm Weather CollageAppropriate warm weather attire

Cool Weather CollageAppropriate cold weather attire

While prepping for the Bachelorette party this past weekend, the Going Out Attire conversation was crucial. It’s a Bachelorette party – which used to mean little black dresses – but it’s February, and we’re not going to Florida. So something had to give. I’m glad I’m not the only old lady of the bunch.

Convo CollageThis group of ladies was not joking around with the weather! It was cold and breezy in OBX, but we were prepared.

unnamedMaybe we’ve evolved from the LBD era. And we’ve definitely wised up to dressing for the weather. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be cute ;)

Beach Bound

It’s winter, but there’s still no place on Earth I’d rather be than the Outer Banks – and I am heading there tomorrow!!!

It’s Bachelorette time for this beauty.

4498_538765168502_3834423_n2I find it extremely appropriate that just a week after our 10 year sorority anniversary, I get to celebrate this sweet friend. It was, of course, the sorority that brought us together.

10401150_519840783122_2804_nDrunken mishaps, fake arrests, pledge class theme songs, and too many late nights are some of my best memories with the beautiful bride to be.

PicMonkey Collage STEFShe may have moved far, far away (sort of), but I’m glad we’ve been able to stay close. And I am beyond thrilled to spend this amazing time with her before she marries the man of her dreams.