A new endeavor

Happy Monday y’all! I’ve been working on a little project and I’m so excited to share it:


 Custom Prints and Foil Art to enhance your home, office, and life!!!

11034278_434454373398338_1502235144377809983_nThis weekend I had a little mini photo sesh with the wonderful Kim Walder and she took the most absolutely perfect photos of some of my prints {and me}.

10838182_436635069846935_8521893173904596491_oShe is SO talented. And she makes these pretties look EVEN better.

KSP CollageSo, if you’re in the market for some pretty new artwork for your home, office, apartment, I would love for you to check out my shop!! {shameless promotion}

Happy Shopping XOXO

World War III {aka Lilly + Target release}

Y’all – total Basic Bitch moment this morning – the Lilly + Target release was BANANAS!

I’m talking worse than Black Friday madness


I have been excited about this collab for MONTHS; and I mean months. I’m obsessed with my Lilly, and if I could get some new styles on the cheap, why not?!?! And the Home stuff… OH. MY. GOD! So to say I was excited for this would be the understatement of the century. Was I prepared to throw on my armor and go to war over it though, hell to the no.

I fought off sleep so that I could be awake for the online release {sometime between midnight and 2am}, but didn’t have any luck there. So I hit the hay so I could be fresh for the store opening at 8am. Now, I expected a line, but I completely underestimated the want for discount Lilly in Richmond, Virginia. This line was insane. Basic bitches as far as the eye can see.

IMG_1789These women were on a mission. They had their brass knuckles on and they were READY TO GO. Luckily my friend Kathleen suffered through the waiting with me – even though she had no desire to go. I thought, great, we can divide and conquer. This won’t be that bad. And then the doors opened & the basic bitch battle cry could be heard for miles. What came next is something that no woman should ever have to see. RUNNING, GRABBING, PUSHING. I was almost run over by three different carts. You would have thought that the entire Magic Mike cast was inside the store signing autographs, naked. It was approximately 8:00:05 AM when I made it to the clothing rack…

Empty RackI am 99.9999% sure that the first three people to make it here grabbed everything their sweaty, perfectly manicured, paws could hold, and ran off. I have never seen anything like this you guys, seriously!! People legitimately screamed as they ran into the store; I kid you not! Shit was bananas. After walking around the entire store and finding NOTHING, I figured it was time to leave and hang my head in sorrow. But luckily I had #lillyattarget to keep me entertained, and to assure me that I wasn’t the only one leaving empty handed…









And by far my personal favorite to sum up the day:

Lilly + Target Collage

Was I disappointed, totally!! But was I going to act like a wild banshee for some cheap Lilly, most certainly not. I have manners, and from what I saw today, the majority of woman do not. I was shocked and appalled. I think I will stick to the Pink Palm from now on for my Lilly needs.

Lilly + Target, great in theory, brings out the BITCH in the basic bitch.




Wedding Recap

This past weekend was spent in beautiful Wilmington, NC enjoying time with sisters & celebrating these babes…

11108857_10100304017199272_7460118743610548191_nIt was SO fun, and it’s very rare that all of us are in the same place at the same time.

10395181_10100304265551572_862448036958655630_nI also got to spend some quality love/hate time with the person I like least in this world.

Love Hate CollageGreat food. All the wine I could drink. And more dancing than I’ve done in a LONG time. All in all, I’d say the #norrisnuptials were a huge success.

Norris NuptialsSo happy for this super cool couple. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you guys <3

Studying? What’s that?

I’ve been out of college (and study mode) for almost six years! And even when I was in college, I can’t say that I was a super awesome studier. I was lucky, I didn’t need to study. It certainly helped when I did. But I could usually coast by without putting forth too much effort. I pulled an all nighter once or twice, but I tried not to make that a habit.

So here I am, post grad and thrown back into this studying thing full force! In a couple weeks I am taking an exam to get a certification for work. I was pretty confident that after I graduated I wouldn’t need to study for anything ever again. Boy was I wrong. So now I’m having to relearn how to study!

IMG_1454Just the concept of studying stresses me out. It’s been quite the (re)learning experience. But luckily, the more I get into it, the more those college marketing classes kick in, and I actually remember a lot more than I thought I would. It’s down to crunch time folks, so hopefully my tactics will work. Worse comes to worse, maybe I’ll just try sleeping on my notes and let osmosis do the work…


What are your tips and tricks for productive studying?!?!